Lab Director
Jessica Preece, Ph.D.
Email: jessica_preece@byu.edu
Office: 732 SWKT
Phone: 801-422-3276
Current CV: click here
Dr. Preece is an assistant professor in the Political Science Department at Brigham Young University. Her research focus is on political party candidate selection procedures. She is interested in the effect of gender stereotypes, institutional structures, and recruitment methods on political engagement.
Working Papers & Current Projects

Recruitment and perceptions of gender bias in party leader support, with Dan Butler

Do Gender Quotas Induce Political Ambition? A Field Experiment in Uganda, with Olga Stoddard and Rachel Fisher

The Double Bind Still Constricts: Gendered Self-Presentation and Electoral Success in Republican Neighborhood Caucuses, with Alejandra Teresita Gimenez, Chris Karpowitz and Quin Monson

Do Gender Dynamics in Groups Evolve Over Time? Lab and Field Experimental Evidence, with Chris Karpowitz and Olga Stoddard

Uncovering the Mechanisms of Stereotype Threat: An fMRI Experiment, with Mikle South