July 27, 2013
Uganda Candidate Training Seminar
The GCEL team was recently involved in a candidate training seminar at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Participants took a survey and were then invited to register to attend a Prospective Candidate Information Seminar. GCEL was interested in the effect of gender quotas on political ambition among Ugandan women. Check back in to find out the results! Special thanks to GCEL Fellow Rachel Fisher and our local team of enumerators for their hard work on this project!
June 6, 2013
Utah County Candidate Seminar
In conjunction with the Utah County Republican Party, the GCEL team invited over 11,500 caucus-going Republicans to a “Prospective Candidate Information Seminar.” Mia Love was the keynote speaker. The event attracted new prospective candidates and many prospective candidates--especially women--found the practical advice very helpful. Special thanks to David Acheson and Casey Voeks of the Utah County Republican Party and to Rachel Fisher and Kali Smith, GCEL Fellows, for their hard work!